The Birth Of Hot Wheels

The 1968 Hot Wheels® line of sixteen models included custom cars, race cars, and show cars. All were released in eight Spectraflame colors, some in as many as fourteen, not counting shades. These are the models that have been positively verified as of this writing. Color shades can vary for several reasons: changing intensities in the spray booth, age, and storage are all factors.

Note: Custom Camaro (white enamel), Custom Volkswagen (green enamel) and Ford J-Car (white enamel) were the only cars issued in anything but the normal Spectraflame colors.
All 1968 models were made in both the USA and Hong Kong. All differ between production facilities, some more than others. Hong Kong versions have blue windows and more base detail, whereas USA cars have clear windows and are less detailed.

Apr 27th 2021

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